Energy Assessments —

Both Tom and Paul are accredited Energy assessors for new build dwellings and can help you with your SAP ratings, we find this service works exceptionally well when taken alongside Building Control but are happy to carry out SAP and EPC calculations anywhere in England with or without Building Control service by ourselves.

We want to provide a competitive quote and in order to enable us to do this, it is essential you provide us with the following information:

  1. Detailed specifications including insulation details, heating systems, heating controls, thermal bridges etc;
  2. Scale or dimension drawings on A3 paper, alternatively paper copies at full scale;
  3. Plans need to be of each floor level, all elevations, sections, site plan;
  4. On completion we require the air pressure test result and also written confirmation the as built dwelling has followed the as designed SAP or a list of the changes made.
If you have limited details we may be able to guide you, so please speak to us as early as possible.
SAP calculation process explained

Simon Wardle is a qualified and accredited energy assessor for SBEM Calculations

Part L/SBEM calculations are required for commercial building projects in order to pass building regulations. These calculations are required at the outset of a project to ensure the Building emission rate (BER) meets the Target Emission rate (TER) or better. In Practice this means that once the calculations have been produced, if the builder constructs the building as we have specified it will achieve approval from the Approved Inspector or Building Control and meet the statutory regulations.

As a practice we recommend that Architects/Designers meet with us early in order for us to advise them on the most cost effective path for the client.

Once the construction is completed, a commercial EPC is produced to prove the building meets the stated energy efficiency requirement and to satisfy Building Control Inspectors.

Energy Performance Certificates

By law, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) can only be produced by an accredited On Construction Energy Assessor in the case of new dwellings, or by a Domestic Energy Assessor for existing dwellings. The purpose of this is to protect builders and potential homeowners by making sure that such assessors have the appropriate skills to carry out energy assessments, and that EPCs are always of the same high quality. In order to produce an EPC, the Assessor will need to use an approved version of SAP or RdSAP software and also be licensed. Once produced, an EPC must then be registered and stored in a national register.

The added benefits we have is that we have numerous years experience in construction and also are aware of the implications of any changes made on site, also the importance of a fast turn around on completion for sales to progress smoothly.