Building Control —

Our Procedures: Seven Steps To Building Regulations Compliance

  1. You contact us and discuss your project at the earliest opportunity by our website online forms, by phone, by email, in person or by letter the choice is yours. On larger projects our early involvement can reduce costs and design changes later in the process. Providing detailed drawings at this stage may reduce your fees.
  2. We agree contract terms, conditions and fees with the client, and we are instructed to submit the initial notice on your behalf (application process). Applications can be made online electronically, by email, or hard copy on paper the choice is yours.
    If you prefer we will call you and do this over the telephone.
  3. The Client or his agent supply drawings and specification as necessary again online, by email, on disc or hard paper copies the choice is yours. Our online facility allows large uploads which are stored securely.
  4. We do an initial design assessment on the drawings and feedback in writing, where you require it; we provide a plan certificate once the plans are received and approved (equivalent to a full plans approval). There is no 5 or 8 week time limit before rejection, we work with you until your plans are approved where requested.
  5. We consult the Fire Authority and convey any comments back to the design team, we will also carry out any other necessary statutory consultations.
  6. You notify us when you commence and site inspections are carried out at agreed intervals to ensure that construction meets the agreed design and Building Regulations. We aim to use a single surveyor to create a sound working relationship and build trust and understanding with site personnel that allows a more efficient service.
    After each inspection a written report is issued which indicates the site status, identifies what has been inspected, and highlights any queries. It is designed to ensure that all parties are clearly informed during the construction phase and gives an early warning of non compliance so that action can be taken.
  7. Upon satisfactory completion of building works, a Final Certificate will be issued.
    This certificate is copied to the client, the local authority and the fire authority.